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Thursday, September 6

Order: Couple pillow + plushie

Ordered by Nur Syafiqah Maisara in July. This is actually the second set of 'Together Forever' couple pillow that I've made. It's really similar to the one I've made before (here), since she wants it exactly like that. Unfortunately, I've run out of dark-red colored fabric so she choose printed flannel instead for the back.

Color: dark red with P2 fabric at the back
Character customization: girl with hijab & baju kurung, boy in tee
Theme: love

Here's another order of hers; a kawaii turquoise neko plushie. Cute huh? :) Anyone remember it's twin, the grey neko?

Thanks dear for your order. I'm glad your cousin like the plushie :)

1 comment:

lynndamya said...

that turqoise meow was really cute !


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