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Our Craft Series

At stitchNknot, we celebrate handmade and original designs! We put our heart and effort into each craft, hoping you would love it as much as we do. Our works vary from cute and adorable, to delicious and sweet, to cool and quirky!

Introducing stitchNknot craft series, where each are made to cater to your liking.

Felt craft series:

Other craft:

Animalien a self-made word for animal+alien. Just pick your favorite; lovable animal or quirky alien. Each  animalien introduced here are stitchNknot's own design, so please do not copy them!

Let’s meet the animaliens!

The wingears


The Faux Bakery

Much like real bakery, we offer cakes, biscuit, donuts, chocolates and candy! Don’t let it fool you; all those scrumptious looking food are made from felt!

Assorted fruit cake

Strawberry & cream cake

Assorted cake slice

Candy-colored lollipop

Love miniature pastry? Then this is for you! Visit our collection of tiny delectable pastry (4.5 cm in diameter), which are perfect for keychain, phone strap and fridge magnet. Both our petite cake and petite fruit tart are topped with either mini fruit slice, cream or wafer stick. Each topping are handsewn carefully with love. No glue is used in this product.

Petite fruit tart

The Kawaii Series

Kawaii means cute in Japanese, and hence the cute and adorable design! Big round eyes and pink blushy cheek becomes the signature look in this series. Everything is super cute!

Kawaii girl

Gray neko

The Secret Garden

If you're into flowery motif, then you might like this! Floral and nature is used as the main theme for this series.

3-leaf clover


These are exclusive felt craft that are modelled after unique item such as lomo cameras. Everything is made with extra attention to detail, and that’s why it is slightly pricey compared to other craft.

Diana F+

p/s: More lomo pouch to come! :)


Other uncategorized felt craft:

Simple love phone pouch

double love phone charm

Customized pillow

They are perfect gifts for your special someone, as they are personalized and come with reasonable price!

Customized name pillow

Hand embroidered pillow

Applique baby pillow

Machine embroidered pillow


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