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Monday, July 25

Boolat frog hard disk pouch!

Greetings all! As promised, here's another Boolat goods to be grabbed! Tadaaa~~

Adorable hard disk pouch made from 2 layers of felt!
Boolat frog handphone and hard disk pouch, side by side.

Interested? Click here to place an order. There's four Boolat to choose from; the frog, cat, bear or rabbit, as seen this post. And psst... this Boolat frog is actually my favorite!

Boolat hard disk pouch
Code: A-009-HDP
Size: customized
Color: pink, blue, mustard yellow or gray
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; fluffy-faced; with velcro closure
Status: open for order

Monday, July 18

Exclusive lomo pouch! Meet Diana F+ ver.2

Calling all lomographers! Introducing stitchNknot's new and improved Diana F+ phone pouch!! Modeled after my favorite Diana F+ camera :)

Second version of felt-made Diana F+ pouch~ Notice any difference?
 The side, back and front views

Even though it looks just like the old Diana pouch, this is totally different! Don't get fooled by it's similarities. This new pouch is made using new pattern, different color combination and are loaded with new features!

Wear it with style, instead of dumping it in your bag or pocket:

Attach it to your belt loop or bag
...or wear it with around your neck like this (neck-strap not included)
Pretend like it's a real Lomo!

For avid music listener, we made it with hole for your 3.5mm earphone jack! Just plug in your earphone from outside the pouch; no need to take your phone out. And the best part is, it comes with a wire manager! Neat, huh?

Manage your earphone/headphone like this~

Interested? Fill in the order form for purchase or contact us at for inquiries.

Diana F+ (v2) handphone pouch
Code: EX-001-HP
Size: 8x13 cm (can be customized)
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; with velcro closure;
comes with ring (for neck-strap attachment) and snap hook
(for easy belt loop/bag attachment);
hole for 3.5mm earphone jack; built-in wire manager

Oh, did you notice this little guy who keeps popping in almost every single picture?

Meet Diana F+ baby, a teeeeeny tiny phone charm!
Free with every purchase of Diana F+ phone pouch (for 1st three customers only)

Next exclusive lomo project: Diana F+ Mr. Pink or Fisheye No 2

Friday, July 15

Three little monkeys jumping...

...on the pillows!

Personalized 12x12 inches flannel pillow with felt embellishment

An early birthday pillow for Nana! Made from flannel with her darling monkey embellishment! She just loves monkey. And frog! I've added machine embroidered birthday greetings for fun. A great combination, don't you think?

This is going to be stitchNknot's signature pillowName + felt embellishment + embroidered greetings = a perfect gift!

Personalized name pillow
Theme: Jungle (monkey)
Size: 12x12 inches
Color: white, red, baby pink, baby blue, gray, black
Description: made from flannel, with felt embellishment 
and embroidered greetings

Interested? Do contact us at for custom order. It's okay if you don't dig the monkey. We can always substitute it for something else! Doesn't have to be jungle-themed either :) Just tell us what you love, and we will design it for you!

Comments and feedback are welcome~

Sunday, July 10

stitchNknot 1st giveaway!

It's not my birthday or anything. But since I'm being nice (lol~), I would like to organize a little giveaway! Yayy!

stitchNknot 1st giveaway, open to all Malaysians!!

How to participate? It's easy! Follow all these steps:
  1. Follow our blog or like our facebook fan page.
  2. For bloggers, write a simple entry entitled "stitchNknot 1st giveaway!" and include giveaway banner and links to this post. For facebook users, share this link on your facebook wall: 
  3. Answer the following question: Which stitchNknot craft do you like most and why? Example: I like boolat frog handphone pouch because...
  4. In your post, give at least 2 comments/suggestions/tips to improve my handmade craft and blog. The more the better!

Winners will receive:
  • 1st place: hp pouch + hp charm + keychain + mystery gift
  • 2nd place: hp pouch + hp charm + mystery gift
  • 3rd place: tissue pouch + keychain + mystery gift

I will personally choose the 1st and 2nd winners based on your post's contents. The 3rd winner will be decided by a lucky draw. Your post should be in English or Malay. The closing date is 31st July 2011.

And please remember to leave links for your entry here. For facebook users, just tag me on your entry post.

That's all!

p/s: The pouch/charm/keychain will be from one of our felt craft series. Which one? Hehe... it's a secret!

Edit: Visit our facebook page for more details on how to join our GA via FB!

Saturday, July 9

Order: the wingears keychain

More customized order from budak sekolah:

Large Lo keychain in purple and pink!

p/s: The original Lo is cream colored with red heart, as seen here.

Wednesday, July 6

Teeny tiny pillow for mama!

This is my very 1st attempt at flannel pillows! And it turns out to be okay, other than the facts that the size is way toooo small!

Flannel-made pillow with hand-stitched felt embellishments
(click to see larger image)

I made it back in May for my mum. It was supposed to be a Mother's Day present, but I was too lazy to stitch the greetings.

So, what did you think of it? Do hit me back with your feedback!

p/s: I made another pillow last week. Will upload picture later :D

Sunday, July 3

Meet the boolat!!~

Happy Sunday, all! Introducing the newest member of animalien series, the cute and adorable boolat~

The boolat: felt-made cat, frog, rabbit and bear in vibrant colors!
Boolat from all view~ back, top, side, etc.
Boolat bear and frog
Boolat rabbit and cat

They are so plump and fluffy! Suka picit-picit their faces since they are stuffed with polyester fiber :P

So far, I only made them into handphone pouches. More boolat accessory will be made later. But still, feel free to make a request!

Boolat handphone pouch
Code: A-009-HP
Size: 8x13 cm (can be customized)
Color: pink, blue, mustard yellow or gray
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; fluffy-faced;
with velcro closure (optional)
Status: open for order

Anyway, notice anything different? Cough *new logo* cough. It's better from the old one, right?


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