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Monday, September 17

Cute cupcake pillow!

The perfect cupcake is here! It's yummy, with no calories and no trans fat! Super huuuuge and fluffy too!!

Hugable cupcake pillow~

Size: 30 x 32cm
Color: assorted
Description: made from flannel with felt embellishment; 
can add special message/wordings at the back;
a perfect gift for any occasion
(or you can just keep it for yourself ~)

The pink cupcake is actually my first prototype. Since the topping lines didn't really show, I've decided to add zigzag as decoration stitch in the second cupcake (i.e. the yellow one). Now it looks better right? Still, there will be small changes on my next cupcake pillow as I'm not really fond of its boxy-shaped bottom.

But still, it's super cute that I have to hide them for safekeeping from my sister! She actually threaten to kidnap those cuties and snuggle them for herself :P

They will be added to our catalog soon. Stay tune~ 
Edit: Added here :)


Anonymous said...

This one how muh? N u ade buat owl pillow x? ;)

stitchNknot said...

Hello dear :) Pls refer to our catalog for cupcake pillow price:

Setakat ni belum buat lagi owl pillow. Tapi kalau nak order boleh je :)

Anonymous said...

Hye , I want yellow cupcake . How nak bt payment n detail ? :)

stitchNknot said...

Hi dear,
To order, please fill in the order form (under 'order' tab above) or email your order at with the following details: name, address, phone number, pillow color, customization (if any).

We'll get back to you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Dh email :)


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