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Saturday, September 8

Order: Youtube and twitter bird pillow

This is actually one of my latest order :) Ordered by Aimi in late August. These pillows are made as per her requests: youtube logo and twitter bird applique in front, with full line of wordings at the back. 

The logos are all cut by hand and applied with machine stitching, while the wordings are machine embroidered. Since the words are too long, I've divided them into two parts so they can fit into the hoop. By far, this is the longest time I've ever spent in front of the embroidery machine :)

I love how they turn out. Simple and clean!

Thanks again Aimi for your order. Hope you like it :)


All about A M C Collection said...

salam,kalau macam ni berapa harganya sebiji bantal?

stitchNknot said...

W'salam dear,
Thanks for visiting us at stitchNknot~

Bantal ni RM60 onwards. Sulaman full kat belakang :)


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