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Wednesday, May 23

Applique baby pillow

Greetings all! Remember our past post on a cute applique rabbit pillow? Well, we've finally decided to add them to our pillow series!

Love it! Ordered by a friend in early 2012 :)

There are three adorable designs to choose: a rabbit, pony or sheep. I've made the sheep one for my sweet little baby cousin a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, I'm tooo lazy to edit the picture. No worries though... will upload picture sooner or later :P

Applique baby pillow
Theme: rabbit / pony / sheep
Size: 12 x 12 inches
Description: made from flannel; with cute animal applique; 
machine embroidered name and date of birth; 
felt embellishment - padded stars and cloud

Since this is a decorated pillow, do let me know if you want it to be washable, i.e. pillow with removable pillowcase.

On a completely unrelated note, I've finished my 1st patchwork pillow!!~ Yeay! Will show it off in my next post :)

...Can't wait to work on my 2nd patchwork pillow. It's in pink!

Wednesday, May 9

Hello. Again.

Greetings lovelies!
It's been way too long since our last update. This blog has been poorly neglected for the past few months as we've been kinda busy with life (and being lazy :P)

But now, we are back with improvements! I myself have managed to undertake new sewing projects during my hiatus - tote, wallet, sling bag, patchwork pillow and so on. Here’s a sneak peek what I’ve been working on last night :)

A patchwork pillow with heart-shape felt embellishment.
Not bad right?

It’s not yet finished. Still need to hand embroider the text, quilting and whatnot.

Anyway, is anyone interested in this 14x14 inch pillow/pillowcase? Do let me know. Cause initially, I plan to make this as a one-of-a-kind ready made pillow. But now, I'm not really sure. More details will be posted once I finally finish it.

Also, good news to our customers. We are currently closed, but will accept order again starting 15th May 2012. A few changes will be made before re-opening. Stay tune for more updates!


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