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Friday, June 17

Gray cat plushie up for adoption!

Greetings all~ There's a kinda-weird-but-nevertheless-still-adorable-gray-cat up for adoption! 

A gray cat with pretty pink bow
A close-up, back and side view. I love the tail <3

Yeah, I admit he's a little bit weird. His head supposed to shape like an onigiri, but who knows why it ended up like a rugby ball!

He's so cute that I'm thinking twice to put him up for adoption. And maybe, I might end up taking him home for myself, or, give him up to someone special! But still, here's the details:

Gray neko plushie
Code: TKS-002-P
Size: 20x27 cm
Description: made from soft felt; 100% hand-stitch, no remake
Status: Available (for now) Sold

So grab it up now since this plushie is exclusive! There is no remake for this gray neko plushie. But they might be available later on in different colors. Still, there will be only one neko plushie per color for sale

Just let me know if you want to put names or special messages on this plushie. Cause I do have a few ideas for that~

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