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Tuesday, November 29

Order: Diana F phone pouch

Thanks Azyan for adopting this Diana F+ pouch :) As promised, it came with a free matching phone charm. I'm reaaaally glad you love it!! *grin*

Felt-made Diana F phone pouch, with matching phone charm!

Remember the promotion for Diana F+ and Mr. Pink phone pouch? Four taken already. Only one free phone charm left for each phone pouch purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now while it lasts!  :) 

Saturday, November 26


...with flannel, felt and mom's embroidery machine, in middle of the night, a few weeks ago.

I've applied machine embroidery on felt before, just not on flannel. Never thought embroidery on flannel could work. I'm soooo glad I tried this!

And here's my new trademark... padded felt on pillow! Oh, I love it!! I'm using the same technique as used  for boolat phone pouch before. Both cloud and stars are padded on this pillow. Gotta love them as they are so plump and fluffy!

Also, instead of using plain flannel at the back, I'm using printed flannel instead!

The cute embroidered rabbit is happily running/jumping around,
under the hanging cloud and star!
Flower patterned flannel at the back

So, what do you think? Good enough to be added into our customized pillow series? Your comments/suggestions are much appreciated :)

Tuesday, November 22

Order: Personalized kawaii girl phone pouch

Order from Nurul Atiqah: 7 kawaii girl phone pouch and 2 teeny head tissue pouch! Each pouch is customized with different colored ribbon and name.

Different colored ribbon for each kawaii girl! Colorful ain't it?
With names at the back
The teeny head tissue pouch!

Actually, I misspelled name for the blue tissue pouch. It was supposed to be "Lieza". Realized it while doing the final checking before packing, so of course I restitched it! But... too lazy to snap another pic :P

Btw, promotion for kawaii girl phone pouch has ended! And the price goes back to RM 12 each :)

Saturday, November 19

Order: Misc. keychains

Another order from Vee; keychains for her friends I think.

Handmade felt keychains: 2 gingerbread man, Mr. Pink, DianaF+,
Ickle and Lardee*!
Initial are sewn at the back

Remember her previous wingears order? Unfortunately, one of the phone pouch is larger than intended, so she mailed it to me to alter the size. Already mailed it back with the keychains. Hopefully, it fit this time.

Anyway, thanks Vee for your second order. Glad your friend love them :)

p/s: In case you're wondering, yes... we do sell Diana F+ and Mr. Pink tiny charm separately. So, you can still get it even if the promotion for the lomo pouches ended :)

* Ickle and Lardee are characters from My Milk Toof. Adorable aren't they?

Sunday, November 13

Order: Couple keychain with love charm

Thanks Ema for ordering this simple couple keychain. Name are sewn at both side; hers and her beloved one. And she requested a small love charm to go with it. Simple yet so lovely. I had fun sewing this~ ♥


Btw, mom said they look like leather tags... of course from far away :P Hope you'll like it!

Friday, November 11

Giveaway prizes!

Remember our first giveaway? Well, we've already posted the prizes last month... and  I actually forgot to blog about it! So now, let's see the prizes~ You might have seen some of them in our previous post :)

1st  place: phone pouch, phone charm, keychain and bookmark
2nd place: phone pouch, phone charm and flower brooch
3rd place: tissue pouch, keychain and initial keychain

Each craft is made with love and care. Hopefully, the winners will like it :)

Stay tune for our next giveaway!! And to avoid delay, we'll give out ready made items instead of custom made ones next time! Thank you in advance for your love and support~ Follow us or like our facebook page to get latest news on our handmade.

Tuesday, November 8


Made this for fun. Simple cookies from the kawaii series: Mr. Gingerbread and Mr. Choco-chip! Haha.. lame name, right?

Adorable felt cookies; a treat for your eyes!

Interested? Contact us at for inquiries, or fill in the order form here.

Gingerbread man  (keychain/ phone charm)
Code: TKS-004
Size: 4.5x7 cm

Choco-chip man  (keychain/ phone charm)
Code: TKS-005
Size: 4.5x7 cm

P/s: Check out our new catalog here. More products will be added soon.

Wednesday, November 2

Order: More baby-themed pillows

An order from my previous customer~ she ordered a pillow for her son before. This time, she wants three pillows with washable/removable pillowcase!

Customized baby themed pillow for her nephew and niece!

Let's take a closer look at the adorable pillows~

Also, she ordered another pillowcase for her son~

Just like her previous order, all these pillows have birth-dates sewn at the back. Instead of using zipper for the pillowcases, I'm using a snap button instead. Well... the truth is, I'm not used to sewing zipper! Need more practice :P

Again, thanks Nurul Ainain for your order! I hope both you and your nephew/niece love them~~


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