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Wednesday, October 26

Simple love phone pouch

Here's something different from us. A pink phone pouch we've made back in September~

Combination of plain and printed felt~
Back view; instead of velcro, we are using string and button
It's different from our usual cutesy stuff right? And instead of "love", you can put your own name (max 5 letters) at the front.

Interested? Contact us at for inquiries.

Size: 13x8 cm or customized
Color: pink-white
Description: made from plain & printed felt; with string and button for closure;
can put your own name (max 5 letters) instead of 'love' at the front.

We'll add more color soon! Till then, happy diwali and enjoy your holidays!

Saturday, October 22

Bookmark for myself!

Here are the bookmarks I've made in late September; one for myself, and the other one as a gift. Of course, mine is the one with lomo camera! *grin*

Simple felt bookmarks

And yesss~ I plan to make more for sale later. Or perhaps as a free gift? Well... I'll let you know later, ok? :P

Till then, enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, October 18

Double love phone charm

Morning all! Here's our new product; a double love phone charm~ Simple but cute eh? Suitable for those who prefers petite and non-bulky accessories for their phone.

Felt-made double love phone charm

Double love phone charm
Code: L-002
Size: approximately 1x2 inches
Color: assorted
Description: hand-sewn initial at the back (optional)

Interested? Contact us at or click here to fill in the order form.

Thursday, October 13

Grey neko + kawaii girl ?

Good morning dearies!

Remember grey neko and kawaii girl from the kawaii series? We love them don't we? Well.... this is what happened when you merge those two cuties together!

Gray neko + kawaii girl = neko girl!
Back view~

So, what do you think? Does it look good together, or better off separately? We plan to include this in our catalogue later, but with more color palettes and designs :)

Anyway, here's the details:

Size: 8x13 cm (about 3x5 inch)
Color: gray-pink
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; with velcro closure

Have a wonderful day!

* More details (code, price) will be added later :)  Click here for the details :)

Sunday, October 9

Order: "always in love" pillow

Another pillow order! This time it's a wedding theme!

Personalized red flannel pillow; for her friend who loves red and white!
Always in love: Nathan & Sandra~
Aside form the pillow, she also ordered a pink kawaii girl phone pouch
(with snap button instead of velcro)

Thanks Nisa for your order! Hopefully your friend will like it too. And remember to send the measurement for your phone pouch order later ok :)

Note: Actual color of the pillow is slightly differ due to monitor calibration and (mostly due to) heavy editing. I'm using a crappy camera phone, so you know how bad it looks without editing, right?

Monday, October 3

Order: Baby-themed pillow!

A cute pillow for her son, Aliff Syafiq - with name (front) and date of birth (back). Made from flannel, with felt embellishment.

Front and back view

I love doing the toys! They are baby's toys~ so that pretty much allow me to use as many colors as I like :D 

Anyway, thanks Nurul Ainain for your order! ...and for your 2nd order, which hopefully can be finished by next week :)

p/s: Guess I pick the wrong color for the bottle huh? What color do you think it should be?


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