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Wednesday, June 22

A sneak peek! Exclusive lomo handphone pouch~

Hello lomographers out there! Recognize this?

Yupp... a handmade Diana F+ handphone pouch, made from felt!

Cool eh? Let's look at the close-up photos!

Velcro is sewn on the flap for closure
Details of the camera are handsewn with care, based on the real Diana F+
Multiple layers of felt are used to depict the lens. And grey-colored felt is used as a protective layer.  

Actually, this is my very first handmade handphone pouch. The pink and teal colored kawaii girl hp pouches should be the second one. But this is not for sale! At least not yet as I am not currently satisfied with the outcome. Another version of Diana F+ handphone pouch will be made for sale, exclusively. I've taken notes of a few modification for the second version of Diana F+ pouch. Till then, enjoy this sneak preview!

Note: If you have any idea or comments regarding this pouch, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Note #2: And yes, memang ada dalam perancangan untuk buat pouches bagi other lomo cameras and antique camera!

Edit: Finished the second version for Diana F+. See Diana F+ (v2) and Mr. Pink! They are all for sale :)

Sunday, June 19

Pocoyo applique

Ramai yang minat Pocoyo kan? Especially si cilik di luar sana. Sebab tu stitchNknot pilih Pocoyo untuk dijahit pada t-shirt, istimewa buat seorang budak kecik.

Ada rupa pocoyo tak?
Gambar close-up; kesemuanya adalah handstitch

Sebenarnya, projek ini sudah lama tergendala berikutan kegagalan mencari t-shirt kosong yang sesuai untuk kanak-kanak berumur lebih kurang 2 tahun. At last, baru-baru ini barulah terjumpa t-shirt yang sesuai. Tapi sampai sekarang, pocoyo masih belum disulam tampal pada baju. But, no worries! We will upload the finished customized tee later for sure! Just wait for it :D

Rants: Anyone know where to get blank tees for kids >2 years old? If you do, please let me know ok? It is waaayy~ easier to find them for baby and adults.

Friday, June 17

Gray cat plushie up for adoption!

Greetings all~ There's a kinda-weird-but-nevertheless-still-adorable-gray-cat up for adoption! 

A gray cat with pretty pink bow
A close-up, back and side view. I love the tail <3

Yeah, I admit he's a little bit weird. His head supposed to shape like an onigiri, but who knows why it ended up like a rugby ball!

He's so cute that I'm thinking twice to put him up for adoption. And maybe, I might end up taking him home for myself, or, give him up to someone special! But still, here's the details:

Gray neko plushie
Code: TKS-002-P
Size: 20x27 cm
Description: made from soft felt; 100% hand-stitch, no remake
Status: Available (for now) Sold

So grab it up now since this plushie is exclusive! There is no remake for this gray neko plushie. But they might be available later on in different colors. Still, there will be only one neko plushie per color for sale

Just let me know if you want to put names or special messages on this plushie. Cause I do have a few ideas for that~

Tuesday, June 14

Lots and lots of petite fruit tarts!

Wahhh~ banyaknya! Sebenarnya, petite fruit tarts ini merupakan projek lama yang dibuat pada awal bulan April lalu. Tart-tart ini terdapat dalam pelbagai warna dan design. Setiap tart dihiasi dengan buah-buahan mini, cream atau wafer stick. Yummy kan? Klik pada gambar untuk lihat dengan lebih jelas.

Petite felt fruit tart

Petite fruit tart (keychain/hp charm)
Code: PP-001
Diameter: 4.5cm
Color: Assorted
Status: open for order

Berminat? Klik sini untuk mengisi order form, atau hubungi kami di bagi sebarang pertanyaan.

Sunday, June 12

Kawaii handphone pouch for sale~

If you think our previous craft is cute, wait till you see this! Tadaaaa~~

Aren't they adorable? Teehee...perasan sendiri lagi! 

Size: 8x13 cm (about 3x5 inch) or customized
Color: pink or teal
Description: made from felt; with velcro closure; pull-out ribbon attached
Status: for sale

These handphone cases are from our new collection of the kawaii series. Kawaii means cute in Japanese; and hence, the cute design. More pics below:

Another layer of colored felt inside for protection 
To secure your phone, velcro is sewn on the flap and on the outer layer (covered by ribbon)
Just pull the black ribbon and your phone will come out easily
Back view. Name can be stitched at the back upon request

Interested? Click here to fill in the order form, or contact us at for custom order.

Rants: It takes time editing those pics; taken using my old 2-megapixel phone camera. They are horrible, but again, photoshop takes care of the rest~

Rants #2: Tiba-tiba rasa nak menulis in English :P. Hmm...should i keep blogging in Malay? or English?

Friday, June 10

Strawberry & cream cake box

Ini merupakan 1st cake box dari stitchNknot! Cake box ini bersaiz 9.5 cm (diameter) dan 5cm (tinggi). Bahagian dalam cake box ini juga dialas dengan felt. Boleh digunakan sebagai gift box atau bekas simpanan accsessory anda.

Strawberry and cream cake box. Yummy!
Top View
Inside the box

Berminat? Kami juga menerima custom order bagi cake box ini. Anda boleh tentukan sendiri saiz, warna dan  topping kegemaran anda. Harga bagi setiap cake box bergantung kepada saiz dan design cake.

More flowery thingy II~

As promised, lagi felt craft dengan motif three-leaf clover!

Keychain berbentuk hati
Tissue pouch; sempat jahit 3 saja :P

Sunday, June 5

More flowery thingy~

Even though flowery motif is not my favorite, it is so much fun sewing them! Oleh kerana setiap daun dan bunga adalah unik, jadi kalau terbesar, terkecil atau tersenget sikit pun masih ok :P

Lagi felt craft yang menggunakan motif 3-leaf clover dan bunga-bunga kecil
Tissue pouch biru; kalau nak jahit nama macam tissue pouch ni pun boleh
Tissue pouch pink, dengan bunga biru
Bookmark pertama stitchNknot, tapi design-nya simple saja

Sebenarnya, ada lagi tissue pouch bunga-bunga yang masih belum siap. Gambar akan diupload kemudian. Mungkin :D

Saturday, June 4

Tempahan Dibuka!

Good news! Kami mula menerima tempahan secara online. Bagi sesiapa yang berminat untuk menempah felt craft dari stitchNknot, anda bolehlah mengisi Order Form. Anda boleh lihat senarai harga dan kod produk di sini.

Bagi sebarang pertanyaan berkenaan custom order, bolehlah hubungi kami di

3-leaf clover tissue box!

Lagi produk baru dari stitchNknot yang bermotifkan flora! Tissue box hitam ini nampak ceria bila dihiasi dengan motif 3-leaf clover dan bunga-bunga kecil warna pink.

Large tissue box, untuk tissue kotak dengan 200 helai tissue
Ini merupakan cubaan pertama kami dalam penghasilan tissue box! Sebenarnya tissue box ni dah lama dijahit (dah guna pon :P), cuma baru dapat idea untuk hiasan.

Top view
Front view
Back view
Bagi yang berminat, bolehlah mengisi order form, atau hubungi kami di untuk sebarang pertanyaan. Jangan lupa sertakan saiz tissue box yang dikehendaki; biasa (100 sheets) atau large (200 sheets).

Friday, June 3

Flowery tissue pouch

Hasil kraf terbaru dari stitchNknot; tissue pouch dengan motif bunga dan three-leaf clover, berserta sulaman nama. Note: Click on image for bigger picture.



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