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Saturday, September 29

Order: Customized friendship pillow

Made this in late July; a customized 'Ukhuwah till jannah' pillow, ordered by Syuhada.

Color: baby blue
Theme: love / friendship
Wordings: 'Ukhuwah till jannah'
Other customization: 2 girls with hijab and baju kurung (blue & pink), 
holding a heart-shaped balloon with 'syue & mai' names on it.

Tuesday, September 25

Graduation Specials: mini plushie!

Greetings all! 
With graduation day just around the corner, some of you might be searching for customized gift for your special someone. Search no more! We've decided to release a 'graduation specials' craft series, which hopefully will captivate you :)

Introducing our mini graduation plushie, which makes great keepsake or gift for you and your friends. It's fun to own them, as they can be customized to look just like you!

Size: 6x14cm (approx)
Description: made from felt; 100% hand-stitched, 
with graduation robe and 3D mortar board;
can be customized

Do visit our catalog for more info

On unrelated note, I would like to thank you for joining our September pillow giveaway :) Only 6-days left now. Do join now to stand a chance to win a super cute cupcake pillow! And please remember to verify your participation here

p/s: Please contact us if you have any problem regarding the verification process.

Tuesday, September 18

stitchNknot September pillow giveaway

We finally reached 300 likes on our facebook page this week! And we are eternally thankful for your continuous love and support. To show our gratitude, we've decided to host our third giveaway, "stitchNknot September pillow giveaway".

How to join?

It's easy. All you have to do is spread the love (err... word). You can join it via facebook or blog or both (your entry will be counted twice). And to our precious customers, you're entitled to an extra entry if you decided to join. More chances to win!

Step 1 (via facebook or blog or both)

  • Via facebook: Share this picture on your timeline (make it public) + tag us "@stitchNknot"
  • Via blog: Blog about this giveaway (must include giveaway banner and link)
Step 2

  • Verify your participation here


There will only be one winner this time (No worries though. We will host another giveaway by the end of this year). As the title suggest, this time the winner will receive a customized cupcake pillow from us. Yayyy!!~

Closing date

The closing date is on 11.59pm, 30th September 2012. Winners will be randomly picked using We will announce the result on 4th October 2012 on our blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join now!

Note: This giveaway is open to those who live in Malaysia only :)

Monday, September 17

Cute cupcake pillow!

The perfect cupcake is here! It's yummy, with no calories and no trans fat! Super huuuuge and fluffy too!!

Hugable cupcake pillow~

Size: 30 x 32cm
Color: assorted
Description: made from flannel with felt embellishment; 
can add special message/wordings at the back;
a perfect gift for any occasion
(or you can just keep it for yourself ~)

The pink cupcake is actually my first prototype. Since the topping lines didn't really show, I've decided to add zigzag as decoration stitch in the second cupcake (i.e. the yellow one). Now it looks better right? Still, there will be small changes on my next cupcake pillow as I'm not really fond of its boxy-shaped bottom.

But still, it's super cute that I have to hide them for safekeeping from my sister! She actually threaten to kidnap those cuties and snuggle them for herself :P

They will be added to our catalog soon. Stay tune~ 
Edit: Added here :)

Wednesday, September 12

Order: Personalized name pillow (sweets theme)

Ordered by kak Zu for her 10 years-old daughter's birthday, Aisyah Nabila :) Aisyah loves pink and really into cute stuff! Since kak Zu didn't set the theme and kindly letting me play with my imagination, here's what I've came up for her~

Personalized name pillow with cute gingerbread man, tiny cupcake and sweets!
Close-up: Each applique letter is carefully hand-cut and machine stitched. Also applied machine embroidery to the other half of her names. Neat huh?
Pictures from various angles~

Name: Aisyah Nabila
Theme: Cute + sweet dessert
Color: baby-pink + P6 printed flannel for the back
Bubble dialog: 'happy birthday' + 'from ibu & ayah'

After her birthday,  I got an email from kak Zu, and it really made my day reading this:
The pillow is so adorable. The sewing is neat and my daughter really loves it….Thanks so much for your hard work. It just can’t translate to money
Thanks kak Zu for trusting me on this :)

Monday, September 10

Order: 'I love U' customized couple pillow

Here's a couple pillow order by Haikal, made in late July. He wants it similar to the together forever couple pillow,  but with the wordings changed to 'I Love U' :)

Couple pillow with machine embroidered wordings, embellished with cute couple made from felt

Theme: Love
Color: Dusty red
Character: girl in hijab + baju kurung; boy in tees

Thanks Haikal for your order. Hope you like it :)

Saturday, September 8

Order: Youtube and twitter bird pillow

This is actually one of my latest order :) Ordered by Aimi in late August. These pillows are made as per her requests: youtube logo and twitter bird applique in front, with full line of wordings at the back. 

The logos are all cut by hand and applied with machine stitching, while the wordings are machine embroidered. Since the words are too long, I've divided them into two parts so they can fit into the hoop. By far, this is the longest time I've ever spent in front of the embroidery machine :)

I love how they turn out. Simple and clean!

Thanks again Aimi for your order. Hope you like it :)

Thursday, September 6

Order: Couple pillow + plushie

Ordered by Nur Syafiqah Maisara in July. This is actually the second set of 'Together Forever' couple pillow that I've made. It's really similar to the one I've made before (here), since she wants it exactly like that. Unfortunately, I've run out of dark-red colored fabric so she choose printed flannel instead for the back.

Color: dark red with P2 fabric at the back
Character customization: girl with hijab & baju kurung, boy in tee
Theme: love

Here's another order of hers; a kawaii turquoise neko plushie. Cute huh? :) Anyone remember it's twin, the grey neko?

Thanks dear for your order. I'm glad your cousin like the plushie :)

Tuesday, September 4

Order: Customized birthday pillow (with crown)

Made this in late June. A simple pillow order from Nurulhana for her friend's birthday. As usual, it's made from flannel with felt embellishment. Wordings for "happy birthday" and name are machine embroidered, while the number and the cute girl character is felt appliqued. A crown is added on top of the numbers as requested :)

Customized birthday pillow with felt embellishment

Theme: cute girl
Color: Dark red
Special request: number '30' with crown on top

Close-up on the stitching~

Thanks Nurulhana for your order. I'm glad your friend likes it :)

Sunday, September 2

What I've been up to...

Hello all,
It's been a while since my last post isn't it? I hope it's not too late to wish 'Selamat hari raya' to all my blog readers~

Anyway, here's a preview of what I've been up to for the past few months. You might have seen some of them in stitchNknot facebook page :)

Various crafts: (1) cupcake pillows,  (2) kitties keychain, (3) simple tote, (4) hijabi keychain,
(5) patchwork pillow, (6) strawberry tree pillow, (7) diana mini pouch

Truth be told, I still have tons of unpublished craft photos. And some of them are customized orders from 2011! So, to make it up you, I promise to post once every two days, at least until I'm catching up with my current finished orders.

Well... wish me luck! :)

Note to self: Write a post compiling all my unpublished 2011 orders!


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