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Friday, August 26

Temporarily closed from 26/8 - 4/9

Greetings all! We are temporarily closed from 26 August - 4 September for eid-ul-fitr celebration. We won't be able to reply your emails for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

And to the giveaway winners, sorry but we will mail the prizes after raya. 

Selamat hari raya everyone! And maaf zahir batin.

Monday, August 22

Order: Diana F+ & boolat pouch

Custom order from a customer: Boolat frog hard disk pouch and Diana F+ phone pouch!

Custom made to fit your gadget
For limited time only: free keychain for order >RM 30 (excluding postage)

P/s: Other than Boolat frog, there are more Boolat to choose from: the cat, bear and rabbit! Check them out here~

Wednesday, August 17

Order: love charm & domo keychains

Order from my sister's friend:

Simple red love with wings!

My 1st trial for domo! But, his mouth is a bit too big isn't it? It's okay, just tell me the truth! Promise I won't bite :P

Monday, August 15

Personalized name keychain

This is an old project. I've made it back in June for my little sister who loves pink so much!

There are two sides of the keychain; the initial and the name

Frankly, I prefer the initial side rather than the name, due to the overly plain-looking girl. She supposed to be cute but unfortunately, it doesn't work here, only on sketch! That reminds me, I need to change the illustration of the little girl, if somehow someone wants to order this.

So which one do you prefer? The initial or the name?

Tuesday, August 9

Order: happy birthday mom!

Another custom made pillow; an order from a customer, for their mom's birthday.

Cute, simple and nice!

I made this based on customer's design. She wants 2 boys and a girl, representing her siblings. I just change the font and tadaa~ this is the end result! Super cute eh?

I love it and so does she! Hopefully her mum will love it as well. Thanks for your order :)

Sunday, August 7

Giveaway winners!

Greetings all!

The result is out! We (me and my sis) have finally choose the winners for stitchNknot 1st giveaway! And... the winners are *drumroll*~~

1st place: aieentheprincess
hp pouch + hp charm + keychain + mystery gift

2nd place: nida
hp pouch + hp charm + mystery gift

3rd place: ibubahia (lucky draw - no.18)
tissue pouch + keychain + mystery gift

Congratulations to all winners! I will contact you soon!

And to others, thank you so much for taking part in this giveaway. I personally enjoy reading your post and appreciate all the comments and suggestions. Wish  I could make you all winners :(

So... as an appreciation, all participants (winners not included) will get a special gift when you purchase with stitchNknot! This special gift is valid till end of September. Just mention that you're a participant for the 1st giveaway upon ordering :D

Again, thank you guys for your love and support!

Friday, August 5

Weird-things! Success or flop??

Success or flop? What do you think?

This is a....? Oh, I have no idea! Just some random things combined... methinks

Yupp, I know it's plain weird! This is wayyyy~ different from my original sketch! But miraculously, my sis loved it! She says it looks like a seal! But from the back lah. Haha!

If somehow people like it, maybe I'll start making more of this and called it weirdthings! lol~

Your opinion is much appreciated!

Wednesday, August 3

Order: hand embroidered pillow

A custom made pillow, for her friend's wedding:

The words are hand embroidered as per customer request

This is my 1st attempt at hand embroidered pillow, so there's no variation for the stitch. Yeah, I only use chain stitch! And since she chose flower-theme, I decide on 3-leaf clover motif for the felt embellishment. I think they compliment the hand embroidery well. Don't you think so?

Anyway, I hope they love it!

Note to self: need to find tutorials for other stitch later!

Monday, August 1

Giveaway is officially closed!

StitchNknot 1st giveaway is officially closed last night! And thank you sooooooo much for showing your love and support by joining this giveaway! We really appreciate all your compliments, comments, ideas and suggestions :)

Please allow us some time to personally pick the winners for this giveaway. Hopefully we'll be able to pick them within a week. Anyway, below are the participants for the giveaway. Please let us know if you aren't listed!
  1. kaseh suchi
  2. bag_2
  3. dewisartworkstation
  4. joojoocraft
  5. Sheeszshira Shiraz
  6. abazilah
  7. Fadzillah Kamarudin
  8. intanEyka
  9. Kongsi Gelak
  10. Lavender Naida
  11. #ciksuzlin
  12. Princess Feyqa
  13. Syai Sipot
  14. Alyia Farzana
  15. AiEn
  16. Ashikin
  17. Cik Purple Pinkypuff 
  18. ibubahia 
  19. me and crafty
  20. ♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥
  21. Cik Rose Cute
  22. IBU AQIL
  23. Annika
  24. IntaNBerliaN aka Zarina Tazari - via blog
  25. Zarina Tazari - via FB
  26. Jaa
  27. b a m b a m ' s
  28. FiEzA
  29.  نور افيره - via blog 
  30.  نور افيره - via FB
  31. nur
  32. Marissa Lim - via FB
  33. sorfiena
  34. NurReen
  35. Fa'izah [eqin]
  36. aieentheprincess
  37. Alia Zainol
  38. Allec aka anas.bella
  39. vanillagirls
  40. Nurul Ain - via FB
  41. Nurul Ain - via blog
  42. John Kelly Khor - via FB
  43. Nida
Note: Yayyy, stitchNknot have 100 followers already!! Thank you all :D
Note #2: Today is 1st Ramadhan! Happy fasting to the Muslims~


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