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Monday, September 23

New: graduation pillow

Introducing our new design for graduation pillow!~ As always, the design is inspired by our lovely customer :) She wants a pink pillow with wordings 'graduated 110913' + embellishment of a girl wearing a mortar board. And so, we came out with this simple design!

But eventually, it became this:

...since I thought larger head is cuter! Haha..

Already added to our store! Do click the link below to order :)

G003-P: Graduation pillow
Size: 30x30 cm
Description: made from fleece with felt appliqué;
customized graduate appliqué with graduation robe, mortar board & scroll;
machine embroidered wordings & date;
with short quote/wish embroidered at the back (add on);
100% stitched (not glued);
perfect graduation keepsake/gift for your clique

Let's enjoy more close-up pictures!~

p/s: Browse our collection of graduation-themed craft here! Perfect for gift and keepsake ♥

Wednesday, September 11

Welcome to our new website!

We're happy to announce the launch of our new website -- integrates with simple JavaScript shopping cart to enhance your online shopping experience!~

Best viewed with Mozilla or Google chrome

You can now place your order there, by following these 4 simple steps:

  1. Find the item you wish to order
  2. Customize it by filling in the 'customization' field & add the item(s) to your shopping cart
  3. Proceed to 'Checkout', review your order & enter delivery details
  4. Submit your order
And viola, an automated e-mail notification containing your purchase order details will be sent to you for your reference. Unfortunately, since we haven't set it to automatically calculate the postage fee, you need to wait for our reply (with order confirmation, complete invoice & payment details) before you could proceed with payment.

If you encountered any problems while browsing or placing order, please do not hesitate to let us now. We do appreciate your comments and feedback :)

p/s: We rarely update on our blog... but hopefully it will change. Visit us on our facebook page for more updates!


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