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Wednesday, December 12

Temporarily Closed From 14/12 - 20/12

Morning lovelies~~
We'll be taking a short break for a week, starting from 14th till 20th Dec 2012.

Do check us out on our facebook page as we plan to sell some of our ready-made crafts starting today ♥

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries. Just leave a message and we'll get back to you soon! ;)

Tuesday, December 11

Experiment #1: fleece fabric

I've been experimenting with different type of sewing project for the past few months, using various fabrics. One of them is fleece.

Fleece is a durable and soft fabric, usually used to make blankets, hats and so on. It is a man-made fabric, usually made from polyester. A bit expensive compared to flannel, but still... affordable. I think it's perfect for  plushies and pillow-making as it is veeeery soft and comfy, light-weight, fast-drying and sturdy compared to flannel.

Since fleece is part of the stretch knit family of fabrics, I'm not sure if it can be machine embroidered. And after a series of unauthorized tryouts on my customers' pillow orders (hehe), I can say it works okay. I just need to pay extra attention to it, especially when loading the fabric on embroidery hoop, and while embroidering. Yes, it's easier to apply embroidery on flannel (for now). But I believe that will change over time, once I get the hang of it :)

Here's a few things I made with fleece:
(click to see larger image)

Pillows: 1. cupcake pillow (will be added to the catalog later)
2. doodle pillow (illustration provided by the customer ♥)

Plushies: 1. Awan the sheep 2. Rabbit plushy for my niece

Pencil case

So, which one is your favorite? Do let us know :)

p/s: Close-up picture on each product will be added later, once I finish editing them.

Wednesday, December 5

New: customized pencil case

Morning dearies~
Introducing new product from stitchNknot... customized pencil case!

Code: PC-001
Size: 9x5inch 
Color: assorted
Materials: fleece fabric, cotton, batting and ykk zippers;

They're made from soft fleece fabric which is fused with batting for sturdiness, and lined with cotton. As usual, they are embellished with embroidery and felt. You can customized them yourself; using your own design or let us design it for you!~ Please visit our catalog for more info :)

Those five colorful pencil cases are actually 2nd order from Nurelly. I've made two of them before in September (not in picture), for her and her sister; and these are additional order made in November for her family and friends. More picture will be added later :)

Till then  lovelies.. it's time to sew!


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