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Wednesday, June 27

'Together forever' couple pillow V2

Made this a few weeks back. A "together forever" couple pillow in dark red, ordered by Nurdalina. Actually, I've made something similar to this before. Remember the couple embroidery pillow? But instead of hand embroidering the wordings, I use machine embroidery

Neat, huh? :)

Theme: love
Color: dark red
Character: girl with hijab & baju kurung; boy in tees

More pictures:

I'm really glad she loves it! She even promote us to her friends :)

Since I like it better than the hand embroidered one, I've decided to add this design to our catalog, replacing the old design. Click here for more info on price, available colors and description. 

And for those who prefer hand embroidery... no worries! I plan to create new designs incorporating different hand embroidery stitches. But, it might take a while since I need to learn and hone my skills first :)


Rants: I had problem with my space button on my laptop for quite sometime. Always need to push it a few times to get it to work. But lately, it turns to worst! It's not working at all! Since I'm getting tired of copying and pasting "space", I've popped the key out!! Thank god it's not broken. And now, I need to clean it first before putting it together again~~

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