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Wednesday, September 12

Order: Personalized name pillow (sweets theme)

Ordered by kak Zu for her 10 years-old daughter's birthday, Aisyah Nabila :) Aisyah loves pink and really into cute stuff! Since kak Zu didn't set the theme and kindly letting me play with my imagination, here's what I've came up for her~

Personalized name pillow with cute gingerbread man, tiny cupcake and sweets!
Close-up: Each applique letter is carefully hand-cut and machine stitched. Also applied machine embroidery to the other half of her names. Neat huh?
Pictures from various angles~

Name: Aisyah Nabila
Theme: Cute + sweet dessert
Color: baby-pink + P6 printed flannel for the back
Bubble dialog: 'happy birthday' + 'from ibu & ayah'

After her birthday,  I got an email from kak Zu, and it really made my day reading this:
The pillow is so adorable. The sewing is neat and my daughter really loves it….Thanks so much for your hard work. It just can’t translate to money
Thanks kak Zu for trusting me on this :)


All about A M C Collection said...

kalau macamni berapa harga sebiji bantal?n berapa lama tempoh siap?

stitchNknot said...

Yg ni RM35 onwards, bergantung pada bilangan huruf & design. InsyaAllah kalau order minggu ni, siap next week. Tp kalau byk pending order, akan makan masa lebih sikit.

Kalau berminat nak order, boleh email kami di atau guna order form kat tab atas :)


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