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Wednesday, November 7

Order: 'Together forever' pillow in baby pink

Morning lovelies!
Sorry for the lack of update during this past few weeks. I've been busy sewing; working on pending orders and new product samples.

We've seen enough of the red 'together forever' couple pillows, haven't we? So here's something new for a change; a couple of baby pink 'together forever' pillow, ordered by Nurul Azma last August. The adorable felt characters are made based on her wedding stickers :)

Theme: love
Color: baby pink
Character customization: bride and groom (customer's design)

Thanks Azma for your order. I'm really glad you are happy with it :) And congrats on your wedding! May all your days filled with love and happiness ♥

Interested? To order, please fill in the order form. Do visit our catalog for more info on our products :)


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