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Thursday, July 5

New version of 'Together forever' pillow!

We've decided to take a break from hand embroidery for a while. No worries though! We'll be back with lots of new design after improving our hand embroidery skills. But, it might take a while :(

Since the production of hand embroidered pillow is temporarily suspended, we've designed a new version of 'Together forever' pillow which will hopefully please you. 

'Together Forever 2' (machine embroidered pillow)
Size: 12x12 inches
Theme: flower / 3-leaf clover

It is made from flannel, with machine embroidered wordings and felt flower embellishment. Same as before, you can customized it by adding couple names beneath the 'Together Forever' embroidery. No name is embroidered for this particular pillow since it is merely a sample. There are two themes available: flower (this pillow) and 3-leaf clover (as in the old one).

More picture below:

We're using pastel color: sweet pink and purple embroidery
on baby-pink background
...embellished with light peach and cream colored flower,
topped with tiny pink buttons
Close-up photo of the flowers
Quality printed flannel at the back

So, what do you think of it? Do you prefer this or the old one? I personally love this color combination :)

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