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Thursday, June 21

Hand vs. machine?

Hello dearies~
Remember when we said we're working on new (improved) version of our pillow designs? Well, here's a sneak peek~ Notice the difference?

Improved pillow design,
using machine embroidery

The older version... a reminder if you forget bout it :)

'Always in love' pillow order, made in late 2011.
Each letter (made from felt) is individually cut and hand-sewn.

Not much difference isn't it? Except for the additional cute felt embellishment and the 'always in' font. If you managed to look past the incompleteness, you'll see that the new version (machine embroidered) is better. Right? I mean, just look it. They're glossy, sleek and super neat! Frankly speaking, I would prefer them over the old one since it exudes elegance and looks rather refined.

What about you? Do share your opinion with us :)

p/s: Not into this? No worries, we still have other designs. Will share with you soon~


Zara said...

They're both very pretty! But ummm I think I like the hand appliqué more :)


Just a word of advice. Whenever typography takes center stage, it's very important to be mindful of your kerning.

Some characters can be very tricky to kern (eg. VE). That's why it's also very important to choose the right typeface.

If you want your typography to look good, always kern manually. Never trust a machine to auto-kern. Most of the time, they tend to make a mess out of it. LOL.

p/s: I thought you avoided embroidery machine because you took handmade pledge. Maybe it should've been self-made/homemade instead, eh? ;p

stitchNknot said...

Thank you Zara~ For me, they both got different feel.

The hand appliqué seems cute, but the machine embroidery looks prim. Just need to find the right embellishment to go with it :)

stitchNknot said...

Hi kō! Thanks for the advice :)

I've recently learn how to create my own embroidery design from scratch, and this is actually one of the earliest tryouts. Being too eager to try it out, I overlook the kerning. LOL.

No lah.. I never avoid embroidery machine. It's just that I don't hv access to them before :P

And I will never limit myself to handmade :)


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