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Saturday, June 16

Order: Another hand embroidered pillows in red

Happy Saturday all!
Last week has been a very productive week. I managed to make five pillows, a few keychains and a nursing cover. This week? Hmmm...not so much.

Anyway, here's an order from my friend's sister. Remember the red hand embroidered pillow, ordered by a friend of mine for her sister's wedding? Well, this time, her sister ordered another two pillows for herself :)

Thanks for your order dear. And soooo sorry for the delay as this was ordered during my hiatus.

p/s: We're currently working on new version of this 'together forever' hand embroidered pillow! *wink*wink*

1 comment:


the palette's very nice. reminds me of strawberry or xmas. haha.

noticed that there's more white space now. and the clover/flower arrangement seems more natural and not as crowded as the previous one.

can't wait to see the next version. =)


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