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Wednesday, June 22

A sneak peek! Exclusive lomo handphone pouch~

Hello lomographers out there! Recognize this?

Yupp... a handmade Diana F+ handphone pouch, made from felt!

Cool eh? Let's look at the close-up photos!

Velcro is sewn on the flap for closure
Details of the camera are handsewn with care, based on the real Diana F+
Multiple layers of felt are used to depict the lens. And grey-colored felt is used as a protective layer.  

Actually, this is my very first handmade handphone pouch. The pink and teal colored kawaii girl hp pouches should be the second one. But this is not for sale! At least not yet as I am not currently satisfied with the outcome. Another version of Diana F+ handphone pouch will be made for sale, exclusively. I've taken notes of a few modification for the second version of Diana F+ pouch. Till then, enjoy this sneak preview!

Note: If you have any idea or comments regarding this pouch, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Note #2: And yes, memang ada dalam perancangan untuk buat pouches bagi other lomo cameras and antique camera!

Edit: Finished the second version for Diana F+. See Diana F+ (v2) and Mr. Pink! They are all for sale :)


Red.J said...

wow~ it is very nice~~

stitchNknot said...

Thanks Red.J! :D


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