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Sunday, June 12

Kawaii handphone pouch for sale~

If you think our previous craft is cute, wait till you see this! Tadaaaa~~

Aren't they adorable? Teehee...perasan sendiri lagi! 

Size: 8x13 cm (about 3x5 inch) or customized
Color: pink or teal
Description: made from felt; with velcro closure; pull-out ribbon attached
Status: for sale

These handphone cases are from our new collection of the kawaii series. Kawaii means cute in Japanese; and hence, the cute design. More pics below:

Another layer of colored felt inside for protection 
To secure your phone, velcro is sewn on the flap and on the outer layer (covered by ribbon)
Just pull the black ribbon and your phone will come out easily
Back view. Name can be stitched at the back upon request

Interested? Click here to fill in the order form, or contact us at for custom order.

Rants: It takes time editing those pics; taken using my old 2-megapixel phone camera. They are horrible, but again, photoshop takes care of the rest~

Rants #2: Tiba-tiba rasa nak menulis in English :P. Hmm...should i keep blogging in Malay? or English?

1 comment:

♛ NazirahMoktar ♛ said...

oucchhh..comel la :) great job!


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