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Friday, September 23

Meet Mr. Pink!

Greetings all!

As promised, introducing a new addition to the exclusive series; Diana F+ Mr.Pink! Again, modeled after a Diana F+ clone, Mr. Pink. Gorgeous isn't he?

Felt-made Mr. Pink pouch, with a matching tiny phone charm* ♥
Back view

Just like Diana F+ (ver. 2), he's also loaded with quite a few handy features!

Mr. Pink handphone pouch
Code: EX-002-HP
Size: 8x13 cm (can be customized)
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; with velcro closure;
comes with ring (for neck-strap attachment)
and snap hook (for easy belt loop/bag attachment);
hole for 3.5mm earphone jack; built-in wire manager

Interested? Fill in the order form for purchase or contact us at for inquiries.

Which one do you prefer, Mr. Pink or original Diana F+ phone pouch?

* Free phone charm for first three purchase of Mr.Pink pouch! One taken already :P


kak ida said...

thumbs up! soo cute. i prefer mr pink.

Hana SweetTwinz said...

comel nyer lah hye....sgt kemas & teliti...^_^

stitchNknot said...

Thanks kak ida & hana :)
Lepas ni nak buat Fisheye pulak~

Aqila Azman said...

berapa harga satu pouch?


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