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Sunday, July 3

Meet the boolat!!~

Happy Sunday, all! Introducing the newest member of animalien series, the cute and adorable boolat~

The boolat: felt-made cat, frog, rabbit and bear in vibrant colors!
Boolat from all view~ back, top, side, etc.
Boolat bear and frog
Boolat rabbit and cat

They are so plump and fluffy! Suka picit-picit their faces since they are stuffed with polyester fiber :P

So far, I only made them into handphone pouches. More boolat accessory will be made later. But still, feel free to make a request!

Boolat handphone pouch
Code: A-009-HP
Size: 8x13 cm (can be customized)
Color: pink, blue, mustard yellow or gray
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; fluffy-faced;
with velcro closure (optional)
Status: open for order

Anyway, notice anything different? Cough *new logo* cough. It's better from the old one, right?



nice header. very clean. tapi kenapa @blogspot ek? bukan .blogspot? memang intentional ke?

stitchNknot said...

eh. memang tak perasan langsung. definitely not intentional!
anyway thx for pointing it out. will fix it later.

mine[a] said...

nk order boolat cat bleh??
+ velcro closure :)

stitchNknot said...

bles je. hehe~


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