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Saturday, November 26


...with flannel, felt and mom's embroidery machine, in middle of the night, a few weeks ago.

I've applied machine embroidery on felt before, just not on flannel. Never thought embroidery on flannel could work. I'm soooo glad I tried this!

And here's my new trademark... padded felt on pillow! Oh, I love it!! I'm using the same technique as used  for boolat phone pouch before. Both cloud and stars are padded on this pillow. Gotta love them as they are so plump and fluffy!

Also, instead of using plain flannel at the back, I'm using printed flannel instead!

The cute embroidered rabbit is happily running/jumping around,
under the hanging cloud and star!
Flower patterned flannel at the back

So, what do you think? Good enough to be added into our customized pillow series? Your comments/suggestions are much appreciated :)


Nurul Ainain said...

Very Nice yg mcm nak buat order baru ni...This time for me n hubby pulak..

stitchNknot said...

Thank you dear~
Boleh2..sila la order :)
Tapi kalau bantal yang sulam guna embroidery machine cam ni sy boleh buat bl blk rumah je :P

adilah fuad said...

sangat comel. nak order jugak satu, berapa ehh ? :)


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