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Thursday, October 13

Grey neko + kawaii girl ?

Good morning dearies!

Remember grey neko and kawaii girl from the kawaii series? We love them don't we? Well.... this is what happened when you merge those two cuties together!

Gray neko + kawaii girl = neko girl!
Back view~

So, what do you think? Does it look good together, or better off separately? We plan to include this in our catalogue later, but with more color palettes and designs :)

Anyway, here's the details:

Size: 8x13 cm (about 3x5 inch)
Color: gray-pink
Description: made from 2 layers of felt; with velcro closure

Have a wonderful day!

* More details (code, price) will be added later :)  Click here for the details :)


ida said...

Hmm...excellent idea.

When will I have mine? Huhuhu...

dazzledania said...

comel..ske tengok..good job!

Carla said...

So cute, I love it!

stitchNknot said...

Thanks for your support everyone! I really appreciate it :)

To kak ida: This week perhaps :) I already posted it last Friday. Guna pos daftar~

Anonymous said...

saya nak tnye phone pouch kawaii girl tu ada lagi ke??

stitchNknot said...

Ada lagi dear. Dah update link to our new website :)


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