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Monday, August 15

Personalized name keychain

This is an old project. I've made it back in June for my little sister who loves pink so much!

There are two sides of the keychain; the initial and the name

Frankly, I prefer the initial side rather than the name, due to the overly plain-looking girl. She supposed to be cute but unfortunately, it doesn't work here, only on sketch! That reminds me, I need to change the illustration of the little girl, if somehow someone wants to order this.

So which one do you prefer? The initial or the name?


||ina dinzly|| said...

I prefer the name side...that girl looks cute...~

aieentheprincess said...

i prefer both as i'm a pink lover as well. put a smile on her face, sure it'll look better.

atieneo07 said...

i love both too..but u're right, u can do better than the cute little girl..i know u can hehe...can i order one?

stitchNknot said...

Hehe..finally ada org prefer the name side. Thanks ina dinzly!

to aieentheprincess: You're right! She's missing a smile~ Thanks for your suggestion :)

to atiene07: Thanks! Sure can. Just email me later :) Other than the little girl, I've done a frog and a bear too. Other image also can do~


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