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Tuesday, August 9

Order: happy birthday mom!

Another custom made pillow; an order from a customer, for their mom's birthday.

Cute, simple and nice!

I made this based on customer's design. She wants 2 boys and a girl, representing her siblings. I just change the font and tadaa~ this is the end result! Super cute eh?

I love it and so does she! Hopefully her mum will love it as well. Thanks for your order :)



I bet she's the fairest of them all. LOL

Lettering tu semua potong manually by hand ke? Dasyatnya, precision of a surgeon!

aieentheprincess said...

i agree with you ko. she should be a surgeon. wow! it's cute. sooo neat.

Carla said...

Lovely and perfect work!

stitchNknot said...

Haha..of course la I made her to be the fairest of all!

Yupp. Everything is done manually. Tapi kena trace font tu satu2 la. Tak cukup terer lagi nak gunting terus :)

Thanks kak ida for the compliment.. but a surgeon?!

stitchNknot said...

Thanks Carla~
I just visit your blog! Everything is super adorable!! Love it!


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