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Monday, August 1

Giveaway is officially closed!

StitchNknot 1st giveaway is officially closed last night! And thank you sooooooo much for showing your love and support by joining this giveaway! We really appreciate all your compliments, comments, ideas and suggestions :)

Please allow us some time to personally pick the winners for this giveaway. Hopefully we'll be able to pick them within a week. Anyway, below are the participants for the giveaway. Please let us know if you aren't listed!
  1. kaseh suchi
  2. bag_2
  3. dewisartworkstation
  4. joojoocraft
  5. Sheeszshira Shiraz
  6. abazilah
  7. Fadzillah Kamarudin
  8. intanEyka
  9. Kongsi Gelak
  10. Lavender Naida
  11. #ciksuzlin
  12. Princess Feyqa
  13. Syai Sipot
  14. Alyia Farzana
  15. AiEn
  16. Ashikin
  17. Cik Purple Pinkypuff 
  18. ibubahia 
  19. me and crafty
  20. ♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥
  21. Cik Rose Cute
  22. IBU AQIL
  23. Annika
  24. IntaNBerliaN aka Zarina Tazari - via blog
  25. Zarina Tazari - via FB
  26. Jaa
  27. b a m b a m ' s
  28. FiEzA
  29.  نور افيره - via blog 
  30.  نور افيره - via FB
  31. nur
  32. Marissa Lim - via FB
  33. sorfiena
  34. NurReen
  35. Fa'izah [eqin]
  36. aieentheprincess
  37. Alia Zainol
  38. Allec aka anas.bella
  39. vanillagirls
  40. Nurul Ain - via FB
  41. Nurul Ain - via blog
  42. John Kelly Khor - via FB
  43. Nida
Note: Yayyy, stitchNknot have 100 followers already!! Thank you all :D
Note #2: Today is 1st Ramadhan! Happy fasting to the Muslims~


"Aku"....Nurul Azren said...

Hooray, I'm part of if.
Also, wish me "hepy besday yaa" hehehe.. love yaaa. TQ.

vanillagirls said...

dah ade nme :)
tenkiu ^^

ashikin said...

huhu nama saya pn ade...

selamat berpuasa =)

aieentheprincess said...

hope i'll be lucky enough this time. thank you and happy ramadhan.

stitchNknot said...

to Nurul Azren: Happy belated birthday dear!
to vanillagirls: u're welcome :) thanks for joining!
to ashikin: selamat berpuasa too!
to aieentheprincess: u're welcome! selamat berpuasa :)

Sheeszshira Shiraz.... said...

ada pun name kite...


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