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Sunday, September 18

Tees for Aimi!

Remember the Pocoyo applique? Well, here's how it looks on tee.

It looks exactly like before, right? *sigh*

Since this tees has buttons, pleat and some ropol on its chest, I have no choice but to sew this applique on the lower-left side :( So, memang tak sesuai untuk tambah more embellishment on it.

Moreover, I sew those in rush, together with another tee! See pic below:

Customized tee for my favorite niece!
Love the polka-dot tee~

My 2 years old niece saw me sewing those applique on tees and she wanted to help! "Aimi nak tolong~" sambil tarik benang panjang-panjang dan mula cucuk-cucuk *gaya sedang menjahit* :) It was cute at first, until she start pulling and tangling several other threads as well! *sigh*

Note: This is an old project, which I made back in July.

Note #2: Change the template again, but it doesn't look good! Something is missing... methinks. Care to share your opinion and suggestion?



Did somebody ask for an opinion? (sebok je kan? haha)

Well, being as opinionated as I am, I think all the gadgets on the left side doesn't look right without a background of some sort. Maybe you can try adding border/background color? See if it works. Doesn't have to have both.

And...the buttons (blogger/fb/home) with shading doesn't seem to match the style you used for the header image on the left. Maybe you can try to use solid colors without shading instead?

This theme is very nice for wide screen monitors (1280px and above). But I think netbook users might have to scroll horizontally to see the whole thing. Knowing your visitor's monitor resolution can help in choosing the width of your theme. Have you considered installing analytics?

stitchNknot said...

Haha..silakan menyebok :)

Thanks for your opinion. Will deal with the left side bar later.

Agreed...I think all buttons/icons style doesn't match with the header. Still searching for the right style~

Min-width adjusted. And will be further reduced later.

Actually, my main concern right now is the colors. Somehow it made the blog look dull.


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