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Wednesday, May 23

Applique baby pillow

Greetings all! Remember our past post on a cute applique rabbit pillow? Well, we've finally decided to add them to our pillow series!

Love it! Ordered by a friend in early 2012 :)

There are three adorable designs to choose: a rabbit, pony or sheep. I've made the sheep one for my sweet little baby cousin a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, I'm tooo lazy to edit the picture. No worries though... will upload picture sooner or later :P

Applique baby pillow
Theme: rabbit / pony / sheep
Size: 12 x 12 inches
Description: made from flannel; with cute animal applique; 
machine embroidered name and date of birth; 
felt embellishment - padded stars and cloud

Since this is a decorated pillow, do let me know if you want it to be washable, i.e. pillow with removable pillowcase.

On a completely unrelated note, I've finished my 1st patchwork pillow!!~ Yeay! Will show it off in my next post :)

...Can't wait to work on my 2nd patchwork pillow. It's in pink!

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