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Monday, September 23

New: graduation pillow

Introducing our new design for graduation pillow!~ As always, the design is inspired by our lovely customer :) She wants a pink pillow with wordings 'graduated 110913' + embellishment of a girl wearing a mortar board. And so, we came out with this simple design!

But eventually, it became this:

...since I thought larger head is cuter! Haha..

Already added to our store! Do click the link below to order :)

G003-P: Graduation pillow
Size: 30x30 cm
Description: made from fleece with felt appliqué;
customized graduate appliqué with graduation robe, mortar board & scroll;
machine embroidered wordings & date;
with short quote/wish embroidered at the back (add on);
100% stitched (not glued);
perfect graduation keepsake/gift for your clique

Let's enjoy more close-up pictures!~

p/s: Browse our collection of graduation-themed craft here! Perfect for gift and keepsake ♥


Anonymous said...

wow.. exactly sama la cam pic. cute :)

Jom usha koleksi Resepi, Petua, Gambar & Cerita @

stitchNknot said...

Thank you dear~
...and thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

dear...kalu utk lelaki gmbr cemane..

stitchNknot said...

Boleh je buat gambar lelaki :)

Kalau order melalui website, before adding item to cart, just mention kat customization tu nak character lelaki :)

Anonymous said...

owh..ok...comel sgt...

lynr said...

Salam nk tnye...if sy ad design n u customise ikut design i nk u blh buat x?reply asap

stitchNKnot said...

Boleh dear. Just send me an email at


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