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Tuesday, October 2

Preview: Coming soon this October!

Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on last weekend. Something new for our kawaii series collections! Cute right? Can anyone guess what this is?

Fluffy cat <3

Also, I would like to thank everyone for joining our September pillow giveaway. Wishing you all the best of luck! For those who missed it, no worries! There will be a next time. And as promised, I'll announce the lucky winner on 4th October. Stay tuned!



Eye mask? Glasses storage case? Catwoman Halloween mask? Wrist rest for mousepad? Have no idea. Haha..

stitchNknot said...

Haha.. I'm amazed of how many guesses you came up with!

Oh btw, it's an eye mask :)


Kalau rahsia, boleh je cakap "it's one of the above". LOL

Oh, an idea: for guy version, buat batman eye mask. Very easy one.
1. Cut black/dark grey felt to basic batman mask shape
2. Fill it with padding
3. Sew the parts together
4. Done!

Now you can bundle it for couple version. =D

stitchNknot said...

Nah.. it's not really a secret~

And thanks for your great idea! Maybe akan buat superheroes sleeping mask next :)


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