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Thursday, December 8

Order: Bulk ordered keychains & charms

Here's a bulk order we've completed last month for Nadhirah; a total of 20 keychains, 20 phone charms, a phone pouch and a hard disk pouch! The pouches are specially designed in accordance to her request to certain themes.We had fun working on it as she gave us total freedom to design it using our own imagination :)

Visit our fan page for more picture!

Customized hard disk pouch
Theme: piano + music note + green + name (small)
Customized phone pouch
Theme: cat + name
Colorful wingears~
Love... and wings?
The teeny head! We've added a bear design to this collection original and new colors!
Simple love with different color theme

Thank you dear for your order. I'm really glad both you and your friend love them!

Note: We will be temporarily closed from 9th Dec to 11th Dec 2011. All inquiries will be replied later on Monday :)

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